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Suara Ends its Sankeys Ibiza Residency on Bad Terms

by Festival August 11, 2015

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Barcelona-based label Suara today issued a public statement confirming the sudden cancelation of its Friday night residency at Sankeys Ibiza, pointing the finger directly at the venue’s management.

“It is really hard for all of us to be involved in a situation as high-calibre as this, particularly as we’re mid-season and very much enjoying the success of our weekly parties,” the statement begins.

“But we owe it to all our fans, our artists and our brand to explain what’s happening…It’s been a very tough couple of months working with Sankeys Ibiza and we’ve had to suffer all kinds of difficulties generated by the club’s management. Even though it’s the club’s duty to take the project forward we have found a constant breach of contract leading to the consequent lack of respect towards our artists and team members. Despite our expressed willingness to continue, Sankeys Ibiza’s one-sided decision not to continue holding our events also implies a lack of respect for the public attending them, our dedicated fans and followers.”

The residency’s scheduled guests for the remainder of the season included label boss Coyu (who has just issued his own statement), Ramiro Lopez, Pleasurekraft and Edu Imbernon. Suara has offered ticket-holders for any upcoming shows at Sankeys Ibiza the chance to exchange their tickets for any other Suara event around the world.

Beatport reached out to Sankeys Ibiza for comment, who presented an alternative take on the situation. In the club’s version of events, Suara’s draw wasn’t sufficient to fill the LAB. (Sankeys has three rooms: the LAB, the Basement and the smaller Spektrum.) Sankeys Ibiza management maintains that  Suara willingly agreed to break the contract.

As the club writes, “Due to the very low numbers visiting the Suara nights we ask them to move their party into Spektrum to be closer to the main basement room where Shelter is held and to keep the vibe of the party, instead of spreading the party over to a huge room in the LAB and not giving the punters the complete Sankeys experience that they visit the island for.

“Unfortunately Suara were unwilling to do this and offered to cancel the contract, so we did just that. Sankeys is all about the party and making sure the customer gets the best possible clubbing experience. By having two main rooms open this wasn’t going to be the case, due to the numbers Suara was attracting.

“We accepted their cancelation as numbers were low for the last party and wish to move forward working with brands and parties that respect their customers and what is best for them. As a club we have always stated that we control how the venue is run and we will not be dictated too by the brands we work with. If the night does not get over a certain number we cannot open the LAB. We will not be dictated to by anyone at our venue. This is how Sankeys has operated across all its venues since its inception and throughout its 20-plus year history.”

Sankeys hails from Manchester, where its flagship club operates alongside its additional Ibiza venue and regular parties in London. The Suara split represents its second public fallout with a resident in the past few months, after Sankeys cut ties with Darius Syrossian in April following allegations the DJ had brought “the club and brand into disrepute.” Heated responses from Syrossian followed on social media.

“I always said, if Sankeys continue to over sell tickets & then abuse and turn away fans who have traveled for miles I’ll leave, simple as that,” Syrossian said on Twitter in April, with DJ Sneak, Sidney Charles and Sante all subsequently announcing they wouldn’t be working with the club. You can read the full statement from Suara head Coyu on his Facebook page.

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